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Arsenal executive team to waive part of salary amidst coronavirus predicament

Arsenal’s executive team will waive more than a third of their salaries for the next 12 months due to the current coronavirus predicament.

The Gunners also stated they will not use Government furlough scheme and all other employees are to be paid full salaries.

Discussions on salaries cuts are taking place on a club-by-club basis. Private negotiations have taken place with the players “around the possible financial challenges ahead”.

The Premier League suggest a 30% salary deduction, but the Professional Footballers’ Association says that would affect tax contributions to the NHS.

Gunners says that this is the most challenging period in their around 134 years history.

The possible financial effect is significant so we must be responsible and act now to best protect Arsenal from what might happen in the months ahead.

Arsenal fans will receive credits or refund if games are played behind the closed doors or are cancelled entirely.

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