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Premier League clubs aim to completing season

Complete the season in a 40-day gap was one of the situations discussed at a Premier League meeting on Friday.

Top-flight clubs remain committed to playing all 92 outstanding fixtures this season but did not discuss a deadline by which games will get resume.

Debate expected on a 30th June deadline is not discuss in a meeting. Instead of this they will discuss the possible scheduling models.

Premier League said that it “remains our objective” to complete matches but currently all “dates are tentative”.

The league has been postponed since 13th March due to coronavirus.

It is understood some clubs probably discuss the proposed 30 June deadline in Friday’s meeting but then decided that this was not the right time to do so.

A EPL spokesperson said “in common with other businesses and industries” clubs were “working through complex planning scenarios”. Out of 20 Premier League teams, sixteen have to play nine games, other four have 10 left.

On Thursday the Government extend the lockdown for three more weeks to manage coronavirus and confirm social distancing.

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