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Tottenham Hotspur Inverse Furlough Decision For non-playing Staff

Tottenham have inverted their decision to use the government’s furlough scheme for few non-playing staff during the coronavirus pandemic following condemnation from followers.

Club declared on 31st March that 550 workers would take a 20% pay cut in an effort “to protect jobs”.

On Friday, Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust commended the club to try and do the correct thing” and inverse the decision, saying “mass supporter opinion against these decisions had solidified”.

“With no clearness on when football may restart, and under what circumstances, we shall continue to keep this under ongoing review. ” Spurs statement on Monday.

“We are intensely aware that many followers were against the decision we made about furloughing staff who could not carry out their jobs from home”.

“This once again highlights that we tolerate different pressures to other businesses, many of whom have and will continue to apply for support from the scheme as the government intended.”

The Premier League club added they would continue to consult with shareholders and the THST, “who share our desire to protect jobs”.

“We regret any concern caused during an anxious time and hope the work our supporters will see us doing in the coming weeks, as our stadium takes on a whole new purpose, will make them proud of their club.” Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy said.

Some other clubs of Premier League which are Newcastle United, Norwich City & AFC Bournemouth have announced that they will furlough some non-playing staff.

Premier League topper Liverpool already inverse their decision of placed some non-playing staff on temporary leave and apologised to fans following a ferocious reaction.

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