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Bayer Leverkusen assure of Bundesliga resumption in May

Bayer Leverkusen are assured that Bundesliga will restart in May, says the team sporting director Simon Rolfes.

German Football League was hoping that the Government will take decision on 30th April, but the problem was delayed and the next meeting is on 6th May.

Rolfes told BBC World Service Sport that “The most important thing was we got good feedback from politicians for our concepts for games without spectators.”

“They [the government] think that we are able to do it.”

Rolfes added: “In the next week we will see which decisions are there. I don’t know exactly when but we hope we play in May, the middle or the end of May, we don’t know.”

Deals with broadcasters and sponsors season needs to be completed by 30th June. League said last week that it would be ready to resume on 9th May but now 16th or 23rd are considered more realistic dates.

Bayern Munich is leading the table with four points ahead of Borussia Dortmund with Bayer Leverkusen is at fifth and chasing a Champions League spot as nine games are remaining in the season.

Rofles said ““We’re also in the semi-finals of the Cup, and we’re still in the Europa League.”

On Friday, Bundesliga side Cologne said that three players of the club tested positive for coronavirus, but training will continue as planned.

Rofles said: “In the morning when they wake up, they [players] get five questions they have to answer and that goes to our pandemic officer and our head of medicine. So that’s the first check at home.” “Then we try to separate them as much as possible. We use different locker rooms at the stadium to try to keep the risk at a minimum.”

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