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Premier League season might have an end even if it runs into July

The Premier League is projected to restart on 30th April if it seems safe to resume.

The Premier League, Professional Footballer’s Association and English Football sat together to discuss economic repercussions in case of suspension. They will arrange further meetings in the following weeks to discuss on the issue.

However, with the current conditions, it seems like an undoable task to finish the season by July.

In spite of that, majority of the clubs are in favor of completing the current campaign, with matches being played behind closed doors.

In her column in The Sun, the Vice Chairman of West Ham, Karren Brady confirmed that eight players showing symptoms of coronavirus “seem to be well”.

“When we – all Prem clubs – last spoke, we agreed to get going again as soon as possible,” Brady said.

“And that games will run into July, if required, to get this campaign finished. This is the plan. This is what we want to deliver.

“It may be games have to be played behind closed doors, which no one wants – especially the players and fans.

“But we hope it might just be possible to go ahead once the sharp graph of it bottoms out.”

Meanwhile, Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President, admits that in current scenario it is not possible to conjure a plan as to how the season is going to end, and when.

“Nobody knows when this pandemic will end,” Ceferin said in an interview with Italian media outlet La Repubblica.

“There is a plan A, B and C. We can start in May, in June or the end of June. If we can’t do it on any of those three dates then the season probably would be lost.

“There is also the possibility to finish the season at the start of next season, with next season starting a little late. It would have to work with respect to the players and the signing periods.”

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