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Serie A clubs come to a uniform agreement to complete the season

Serie A clubs have uniformly come to an agreement that 2019-2020 season should be completed which has been put to hold due to COVID-19 breakout.

Earlier, a number of clubs were not in favor of carrying on with the season. While Brescia even said that they would rather prefer forfeiting the games than step foot on to the ground.

“The Serie A general assembly met this morning and confirmed, with a unanimous vote of all 20 clubs connected by video conference, the intention to complete the 2019-2020 football season, if the government allows it to take place,” Serie A said in a statement.

It further told that the season would continue “in compliance with medical protocols for the protection of players and all professionals.”

Although it is not yet certain when, or if, the government would give permission to resume playing matches, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) hopes that clubs can begin training in May. The federation said that even if it takes until Autumn, it want the season to be completed.

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