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Serie A clubs returns to individual training on 4th May

Serie A clubs can come back to individual training on 4th May and team training on 18th May. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the first step in lifting the lockdown.

It is hoping that Serie A season will resume between 27th May and 2nd June with the season finishing in the start of August.

It is not clear or no formal announcement that when the season will resume.

Italy has highest amount of coronavirus related deaths (26,644) in a European country.

On Sunday 260 deaths reported which is the lowest daily amount since 14th March.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in a televised address that players would be able “to undertake training individually from 4th May, in groups from 18th May, and then we’ll evaluate if there are the conditions to allow the season to be completed”.

He added: “We need to complete all the discussions to ensure that if we do reach that stage, we’ll do so in the utmost safety and security. We are passionate about sport and don’t want our athletes to get sick. I am passionate for football like many Italians, I initially found it strange that the championship could be interrupted or suspended but I think that even the most ardent fans understands that there wasn’t an alternative.”

Conte further said that when “phase two” of the lockdown plan begins on 4th May with the ease in restrictions, social distancing of 1 metre must be maintained and it extends to two metres when exercising.

Italian Football Federation expected to start testing players in the start of May for virus to allow for a safe return to training and has already drawn up a medical procedure.

For start of training, every club will form a group of players, technical staff, doctors and physiotherapists who will be tested and isolated in a summer-style training camp.

World player’s union Fifpro says the return of football risks sending a “bad signal”.

“There is a huge logistical and medical/scientific question about testing and protocols but also a social one,” said secretary general Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.

“We need guidance and protocols on how to return in a healthy and safe manner. Football is a contact sport and we feel very high protection standards are required.

“Are we sending the right message to society, and are we encouraging a healthy return to normal life, or are we sending a bad signal that football has different rules to the rest of the world?”

Serie A was postponed on 9th March and a number of players get positive test for virus. Serie A has insisted it is committed to finishing the season.

Italian Football Federation said on Thursday it would push back the proper end of season from 30th June to 2nd August to give time for remaining games to be completed.

12 full rounds and four outstanding fixtures still to play. Juventus is leading the table a point ahead of Lazio.

Brescia president Massimo Cellino, whose team is at the bottom of the table is against a resumption. Cellino said if the season resumes he is ready to forfeit the team’s remaining games.

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