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UEFA asks competitions to decide qualification for Champions League, Europa League on “sporting merit”

UEFA asked associations to decide which teams should qualify for 2020-2021 Champions League and Europa League competitions if they are not able to finish the seasons. It has also asked them to be “objective, transparent and non-discriminatory” in the process of finalizing the clubs.

Furthermore, it has emphasized that the competitions must provide “legitimate” reasons for early termination. An official order from the authorities forbidding events, or unconquerable economic conditions where continuing play could put long-term financial stability at risk are the conditions that UEFA defines as legitimate reasons.

UEFA still proposes its members to try and complete the current season if it is at all possible.

Currently, there are two scenarios that could come in to play. In the first one, European competitions would play along with the domestic, as they normally do. The second scenario would see domestic competitions complete before European competitions continue in August.

If a competition is unable to be completed, UEFA’s executive committee would prefer a restart “with a different format in a manner which would still facilitate clubs to qualify on sporting merit”.

A medical sub-group is working side-by-side with the European Club Association and European Leagues umbrella group. They are working to determine safety protocols for match action and training.

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