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UEFA bring up-to-date plans on Tuesday to finish season

UEFA will provide an update on plans to finish the current season to all its 55 national associations at a video conference on Tuesday.

UEFA will bring up-to-date plans at a video conference meeting on Tuesday to finish the current season to all its 55 national associations.

Europeans football’s governing body hopeful to complete the season in August, while like other league Belarus still postponed there are uncertainties over whether that deadline can be met.

UEFA has made two working groups, one specially for assessing the fixture calendar. It is expected specific suggestions will be presented by mid of May at the latest.

Nevertheless, the ongoing doubt over the spread of coronavirus is creating major issues, with some of the leagues, including Denmark and Germany who are talking optimistically about a resumption next month, while other England among them will believe that they will resume the games in June at the earliest. Some of the Premier League clubs believe that it will be longer than that.

UEFA is hopeful to complete its own tournament in the normal two-legged format.

Tuesday meeting will be followed on Thursday by a UEFA executive committee meeting.

Adding on, it is expected, UEFA will confirm that it will listen to requests to end domestic leagues early.

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