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Lionel Messi Ten Best Goals

Lionel Messi Ten Best Goals

Barcelona vs Sevilla

Messi take a pass from Iniesta and beat the Sevilla defender then chip a ball into the goal post and goalkeeper has no clue how to stop this.

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao

Messi is most famous for individual efforts and dribbling. The goal against Athletic Club is one of the astonishing goals of Messi. Messi received a possession from Thiago and then beat three defenders in minimum quarter and then finish the move with beautiful goal. This is one of the Lionel Messi top ten goals.

Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona

Once again Messi shows his class and the opponent is again Athletic Bilbao. Messi receives a pass from the centre and beat all players of Bilbao side and then smash a shot into a right corner of a goal post.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Lionel Messi again show his class and this time against the Barcelona rival team Real Madrid. Messi solely take a ball to the Real Madrid goal by beating all the players and Casillas has no chance to stop the unstoppable Messi.

Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona

One of the best solo goal of Lionel Messi against Zaragoza. Take a ball almost from the centre and run towards the goal of Zaragoza by beating all the defenders and post a shot on the right corner of the goal post. Zaragoza defence had no answer to Messi and his individualism.

Valencia vs Barcelona

Messi Unavoidably wins and takes on world. He leaves three Valencia defenders one of now his team mate trailing in his wake, finishing instead inside the near post.

Barcelona vs Getafe

Messi exceptional goal against Getafe this time. Receive a ball around halfway line, beat more than six players including the goalkeeper and finish the move with a beautiful goal.

Barcelona vs Eibar

Messi stopped a shot from Eibar goalkeeper around halfway line and solely take a ball, dribbling and dogging and beating all the Eibar players and kick a shot in to the goalpost of Eibar that clear the goalkeeper.

Getafe vs Barcelona

Messi worth to watch goal against Getafe this time at the age of 19. He receives a ball around halfway line. Dribbling and dogging is at its peak by beating around six players including Getafe goalkeeper and finish the ball past another player on the goal line.

Barcelona vs Malaga

Barcelona receives a free kick from the left side. Sergio Busquets takes a free kick, ball goes directly to Messi and he shots a ball with his left foot into the goal.

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