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Cristiano Ronaldo Ten Best Goals

Top Ten Goals of Cristiano Ronaldo

Sporting CP vs Real Betis (2002)

In his first appearance in a senior match, Ronaldo beat the goalkeeper and tossed a ball in the goal.

Manchester United vs Portsmouth (2008)

Free-kick against Portsmouth is the greatest of Ronaldo’s career. Ronaldo crashed the ball into the top corner as goalkeeper David James is in disbelief on the shot which has beaten him.

Porto vs Manchester United (2009)

Ronaldo goal against Porto send Manchester United into Champions League semi-final. 40 yards away from goal is also one of his best goals.

Arsenal vs Manchester United (2009)

Commentator said that it is too far for Ronaldo to think about it and then they got stunned. Ball beat the goalkeeper and thrash into the goal post. Unbelievable wide free-kick from the right side of the pitch.

Sevilla vs Real Madrid (2011)

Receiving a pass from Benzema 30 yards out, Ronaldo has taken the advantage of the time and shot the ball into top right corner. This is the one of three goals by Cristiano Ronaldo against Sevilla on that day.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United (2012-13)

From the left-hand side Di Maria whipped a cross. Ronald jumped high into the air and direct his header so perfectly that beat the goalkeeper de Gea.

Real Madrid vs Valencia (2014)

In the end of second half, Valencia was one goal ahead of Real Madrid (2-1), Di Maria lobbed over a cross from the left and Ronaldo struck a ball into goal by backheel volley.

Real Madrid vs Juventus (2018)

Possibly one of the best goal Ronaldo has produced. Overhead kick of Ronaldo for Real Madrid against Juventus is unbelievable. Balls flies across the air and world looks that it challenged for Lucas Vasquez but Ronaldo appears from nowhere and does that.

Portugal vs Spain (2018)

Spain was leading the opening game against Portugal by 3-2. In 88th minutes Portugal receive a free kick and Ronaldo thrash a ball into goal post while de Gea was just looking at the ball. This goal of Ronaldo was good but the situations make it so much better.

Juventus vs Manchester United (2018)

Juventus loss this match to Manchester United by 2-1. Ronaldo goal in this game was a worth watching as he receives a long pass from Leonardo Bonucci and post a ball in the net.

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