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Premier League clubs to debate on a possible 30 June deadline to the season

Premier League clubs will discuss at a meeting on Friday that the option of putting a 30 June deadline on the 2019-20 season.

All clubs have not been involved in informal discussion at this stage and they have a hope for the resumption of season in May.

Club owners are looking at how to avoid possibly tough contractual circumstances.

Several players present deals will expire on 30th June, especially Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen and Chelsea midfielder Willian.

Adding on, Liverpool is changing shirt manufacturer as they switch to Nike from New Balance. While Newcastle and Watford are also switching kit suppliers.

FIFA the world governing body as they know the situation and they are looking at alternatives, like rolling contract extensions, with the season currently postponed until further notice because of coronavirus epidemic.

Having said that, players cannot be legally forced to sign them, as there is possibility of clubs losing most of their squad before the campaign ended.

Most of the opinion that, no matter what is the current situation of the Premier League, 30th June should be the last day.

Putting a deadline on current season is filled with complications, mostly surrounding relegation and promotion.

One suggestion is that promote current Championship top two teams Leeds and West Bromwich Albion, go with a 22 teams competition in a new season as not relegate any team from the top flight, that would also increase the TV games and possibly evade the need to repay this season broadcast money.

Having said that it will create a problem for the Football League as it will lead them to imbalance in their numbers.

Above are all the issues which will be discussed by Premier League executives on Friday.

While a conclusive decision still in doubtful that UEFA has request the leagues to give them some time to return with their own suggestions for ending the season all over the Europe, something they supposed to do by mid of May.

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder however does not expect a deadline to be set for the end of the season.

“I’m sure that we will adjust accordingly. I think for the integrity of the competition and competitions, especially the top end of English football and European football, they’ll want to finish the season.” Chris Wilder told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

He further said “I believe that there will be an ability next year to adjust, with international breaks, with moving a few games into midweek. We have that ability through organisation and planning to finish this season off.”

“But only as everybody said, and I’ll reiterate that, when it’s safe to do so for everybody. And that obviously we have to take our lead off the government and what they suggest and want us to do.” Chris Wilder.

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